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For immediate release May 15, 2017

Contact: Frank McClatchey, Owner, ProFix
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Viruses, Ransomware: always backup

McHENRY — ProFix developed a reputation among clients and business for knowing just what to do when their computers slowed to a crawl — or worse, RANSOMWARE

May 12th 2017 saw the biggest ever cyber attack in Internet history (yes, bigger than the Dyn DDoS). A ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web, with the damage epicenter being in Europe.

Among the many ways ransomware is unique is in the moral quandary it presents its users. Thus far the malware's encryption has proven largely bulletproof, meaning that, once infected, the end-user has one of two options: either pay the ransom — thereby funding the activities of the criminals who hacked into their system — or lose the files forever.

“Always backup your data, with an external device like an external hard drive. Also, turn off or unplug your back when done. We received a PC from a client last week that had 2 external drives hooked up for back up, and all drives got hacked too… so ALWAYS unplug your back up” said Frank McClatchey owner of ProFix Computer Repair in McHenry.

Like much of the malware out there, ransomware finds its way onto systems through untrusted sites and attachments. So the major tenants of avoiding an infection are similar to those for avoiding malware in general: install security software, keep your operating system and applications up to date, and don't visit any suspicious sites or open email attachments from unknown sources.

Be careful to click on harmful links in your emails.
Be wary of visiting unsafe or unreliable sites.
Never click on a link that you do not trust on a web page or access to Facebook or messaging applications such as WatSab and other applications.
If you receive a message from your friend with a link, ask him before opening the link to confirm, (infected machines send random messages with links).
Keep your files backed up regularly and periodically.
Be aware of fraudulent e-mail messages that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names without commas or excessive characters.
Use anti virus and Always make have the last update.
Make sure your windows have the last update close the gap.

For more information, visit, call (815) 385-1813 or send email to

     ProFix was Business of The Month for March at McHenry Bank and Trust..THANKS!

   ProFix in the Northwest Herald: Computers for the Community Project 9-14-2014

   Computers for the Community Project (Northwest Herald)

For immediate release  8/28/14


Contact: Frank McClatchey, Owner, ProFix

(815) 385-1813;


ProFix owner launches Computers for the Community
McHENRY — The owner of a McHenry-based computer and laptop repair service has started Computers for the Community, a project intended to enhance both the environment and area residents’ futures.
“Refurbishing a computer is five to 20 times more energy-efficient than recycling,” said Frank McClatchey, owner of ProFix at 1623 N. Riverside Drive, McHenry. “Each drop-off is a step toward a brighter future for our community and the environment.”
Computers and other electronic devices have been banned from Illinois landfills since 2012, and trying to determine how to dispose of an old, unused PC or laptop can be daunting. But old computers can have new life helping a school student to gain valuable skills, helping a struggling adult to develop job skills and résumés, or helping the elderly to stay connected with distant friends and family.
“Children who come from homes without a computer are at a disadvantage,” McClatchey said. “They lack the basic computer skills that others have acquired at home. They can’t practice their skills or complete assignments without going to the library, which isn’t always feasible due to transportation or scheduling issues.
“By redistributing computers that would otherwise be thrown away, more students will gain the basic tools to keep them up to speed with our technological world.”
McClatchey said he will wipe hard drives clean and refurbish donated computers for distribution to those in need. He already is working with officials at Home of the Sparrow and plans to contact Senior Services Associates and others who could connect the working computers with those who could use them. He also is working with a major Internet service provider to try to develop a local plan for reduced-cost Internet connections for those in need.
The Home of the Sparrow operations manager said that the project, if successful, could greatly benefit the homeless women and children that the agency serves.
“For our women to be able to search for jobs online, for the children to do homework, for all of those sorts of things, it’s almost a necessity to have computers,” said Leslie Coen. “It will help them in their journey to self-sufficiency.”
McClatchey said he already has begun to accept computers, and hopes that many more people will consider the option. To learn more or to schedule a drop-off, call 815-385-1813 or send an email to

   ProFix in the Northwest Herald 4-22-2014

   April 22, 2014 Press Release

For immediate release


Contact: Frank McClatchey, Owner, ProFix

(815) 385-1813;


Viruses, malware no match for tech-savvy entrepreneur


McHENRY — Frank McClatchey developed a reputation among friends for knowing just what to do when their computers slowed to a crawl — or worse.


Today, the 58-year-old McHenry resident’s former hobby is his vocation. McClatchey has started ProFix, which offers computer and laptop repair, data recovery and backup, virus and spyware detection and removal, software installation, driver updates and optimization, website development assistance and more.


“For more than 18 years, I’ve been repairing computers and helping people out with their technological questions,” said McClatchey, who in February departed the computer and tech repair division of a large corporate entity to devote himself full-time to ProFix.


“New technology comes out every six months,” he said. “I stay on top of it.”


Wonder Lake resident Randy McCafferty said that when his relatively new, high-performance Asus recently began to show signs of stalling, he knew just who to call.


“I backed up my files on an external hard drive, shut it down, and I called Frank,” said McCafferty, who added that he relies on his home desktop model between 12 and 14 hours a day for his livelihood. “The next day, my wife dropped off the computer, and four hours later, it was ready to be picked up.”


McClatchey replaced the hard drive, ran a diagnostics check and thoroughly cleaned the computer inside and out.


“Frank not only repaired it, he had it back to me in four hours, and it works better than new,” McCafferty said.


McClatchey said he is excited to be doing what he loves while helping people to overcome some frustrating technology scenarios. He said he realizes that, these days especially, people rely on their home computers. ProFix offers a flat rate of $55 for most repairs.


For more information, visit, call (815) 385-1813 or send email to


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